Poolesville Baptist Church Sermons

Weekly sermons by Pastor Jace Broadhurst.

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The Epistles of John - "Shack Attack" (3 John 13-15)

Presented by Troy Skinner

August 13, 2017, 10:30 am

When writing the blurb for last week's midweek newsletter I hadn't yet written the Sunday sermon. So, I didn't quite know what I would say. This week is different. I have written Sunday's sermon, and so I know what I will say. This week we wrap up our extended look at the epistles of John. For the second, and final time, we will use "The Shack" as a case study. What do many people in and around the church believe about the nature of God? How well does this match up with biblical teaching? What are the implications of these beliefs, both good and bad? The book continues to be popular. The movie is out on DVD and is likely to be a big gift item during this year's holiday season. Do you know what "The Shack" teaches? Are you equipped to talk with others who might ask you questions about the issues it raises? Do you even know what you believe, what you should believe, about these things? The Apostle John would hope for you to know what you believe and why. John would want us to understand the truth and be witness to the truth. This is the endeavor we will continue to undertake on Sunday. I am eager to worship with you once again.
Troy Skinner

"Shackin' Up" 3 John 13-15

Presented by Troy Skinner

August 6, 2017, 10:30 am

There is a theological civil war being waged in the American church right now, and the book/ movie "The Shack" finds itself in the center of it. We all find ourselves in the center of it, whether we know it or not. On Sunday, I'll be standing in the center of it... standing upon the Word of God, in the center of the crossfire. And as I write this I don't know exactly what I'll say. Some people are concerned that the "universal church" has drifted into becoming the "universalist church". The current poster child for these concerns is "The Shack". In response to the people who voice these concerns, others say "Nonsense! There's a lot of good in the book and movie." Amazingly, there are important things that the Apostle John had to say about "The Shack" even hundreds of years ago. When I share these important things on Sunday I will definitely cause upset. While I don't yet know what I will say, I am convinced it will offend you. If you like the book/movie or if you dislike the book/movie, either way, I fear that I will unnecessarily offend you. Every time in the past that I've written the midweek newsletter note, as I am at this very moment, I had already finished my manuscript for the upcoming sermon, knowing what I intended to say. Not this time. This time I merely know that we'll examine the final verses of Third John and look at "The Shack" as a case study. Of course, because John's letters consistently emphasize the truth and how this needs to affect the believer's life, we will definitely stress the importance of remaining committed to "the truth in love". This is what John teaches us, and this is what the bride of Christ really, really needs to relearn. Oh, how I pray that God brings me the right words, the right tone, and the right attitude to share His truth in His love. Please... pray for me. Pray for Christ's church. Troy Skinner

There is Always Hope (Lamentations 3:1-26)

Presented by Jason Purdy

July 30, 2017, 10:30 am

Have you ever had a relationship with despair? Has anything ever gone wrong in your life and left you feeling a lack of hope? I assume even from a very early age, we have all experienced despair to one degree or another. In Sunday's sermon, I want to share with you a bit of my testimony regarding despair as a failed missionary, and preach through Lamentations 3:1-26 that God used to rekindle my hope during a time of failure and despair. I promise you this: no matter what, there is always hope!

Proclaiming the New Song (Psalm 40:1-10)

Presented by Dave Neff

July 23, 2017, 10:30 am

Like some other cultures in West Africa, the Landuma people rarely, if ever, thank an individual in person for their assistance. Being raised with Western values, my missionary friends that work among the Landuma had a hard time accepting this. Time after time they would extend themselves, going above and beyond in many ways to help the villagers whom God had called them to serve. And time after time, the assistance was accepted without so much as a thank you or acknowledgement of their sacrifice. One day, however, they realized that culturally the Landuma do not thank others in person, rather they speak well to others of the one who has assisted them. They learned that they had earned a good reputation in their region. People near and far knew of their good works through the praise of those they had helped. We have many reasons to praise God. This week we will look at the response of David to God's salvation in Psalm 40:1-10. David acknowledged the hand of the Lord over his life and set his desire to make the works of His Lord known.