Poolesville Baptist Church Sermons

Weekly sermons by Pastor Jace Broadhurst.

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Remaining True: Being a Faithful Church (Acts 11:19-26"

Presented by Stan Beall

October 18, 2017, 9:40 am

With so much of our American culture changing around us, how does a Christian church remain true to its mission? How do we remain faithful to Jesus' teaching? How do we survive, not to mention thrive, in such an anti-Christian world? To find answers to these questions, along with practical directions, we go back to the first century, to the church in Antioch, Syria (Acts 11:19-26). This church, like ours, found itself in the midst of a non-Christian culture where sin was rampant and anti-Christian sentiments were common. Yet, the church lead others to faith in Christ, taught the truths of Scripture, witnessed with boldness, and had deep compassion for their fellow believers. On Sunday we will explore what implications this has for PBC.

Speaking God's Love Language (Isaiah 58)

Presented by Steve Pettit

October 8, 2017, 10:30 am

I can't begin to express how much my wife and I are looking forward to meeting the spiritual family at PBC on October the 8th. I have the honor to be with you during the Sunday School hour and the worship service. My hope is to ask a very compelling question regarding God's love language. All too often we ask the wrong questions and so we live the wrong answers. Isaiah is commanded by God to raise questions about the kinds of questions His children were asking. One truth we'll explore is that it's not a question of whether God loves you as His child. He loves each believing child of God with the love He has for Christ Jesus His Son. The question we must ask ourselves is quite different. Every Christ follower must know whether he or she sees God's power and presence upon their life; the evidences of His pleasure. A life SPENT speaking God's love language is one that has many hardships. But mingled in those sufferings is an unquestionable constant awareness that God's pleasure is being poured all over you as you run the race set before you.
What is God's love language?
And what does a life look like that has His pleasure all over it?
I would encourage you to read Luke 4:14-30 and Isaiah 58 and observe how our Lord views people so differently than we often do.

Itís Not About Creation, Itís About Faith (Hebrews 11:3)

Presented by Jace Broadhurst

October 1, 2017, 10:30 am

Perhaps you are one of those Christians who is very certain of their view of creation. Maybe you are convinced that it happened in 6 literal 24 days and it was created out of nothing. Fine, I get it. And that is cool with me.

Hebrew 11:3 seems to say something about this, so yeah, I am going to have to say something about this too. But, the truth is, it doesn't really say much of anything about it. So, while I will talk a little bit about it, I really want to emphasize the point of the author: while it doesn't always seem like God is fulfilling his promises, BAM, then he does. This is a passage about encouragement, not about creation. See if you can see it when you read it—preferably before you come on Sunday. But either way, we will dive in when you get here. I hope it's encouraging. Praying for all of our hearts to be moved this coming week as we hear from God.

PAULíS MODEL FOR MINISTRY (1 Corinthians 4:1-5)

Presented by Aaron Miller

September 24, 2017, 10:30 am

There are many stereotypes today as to what a minister is. The Corinthians to whom Paul was writing thought of ministers as superstars known for their knowledge and eloquence. The Corinthian church was dividing over favorite preachers much like sport fans might divide over their favorite players. "I am of Paul; I am of Apollos; I am of Cephas." Thus they were breaking the congregation into quarreling factions that gathered around men. Pau, in our passage today seeks to correct these divisions by setting before us how the church ought to view the pastor, how the minister ought to view himself and whose opinion truly matters.